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eBriefs are our wheelhouse. Our experts transform your brief into an interactive and persuasive format that is simple for judges, clerks, and arbitrators to navigate. We create hyperlinks from your brief or other primary document to the precise section or page of all citations. In addition to external hyperlinks, we also create links to all internal references. Our attention to detail creates a seamless review tool for the reader. In sum, our eBrief provides your end user with invaluable time-saving efficiencies while crafting immediate access to the merits of your argument.

The Sopra eBrief is a PDF-based creation that can also incorporate native files including video and audio clips, photos, Excel, PowerPoint or websites. The entire process takes as little as a few hours to a few days, based on the scope of your project.

Additional Uses and Offerings

In addition to our standard eBriefs, Sopra creates interactive hearing bundles, indices, witness statements and expert reports. All of our offerings can also be used as vital internal review tools as you prepare for hearings, trials and appeals. From demand letters to appellate briefs, Sopra will work with your team to determine the best offerings to complement your practice.

Pro Bono Projects

We are committed to creating eBriefs for pro bono matters. Sopra regularly offers discounted or gratis services for pro bono matters involving civil liberties, human rights, the economically disadvantaged and systemic reform. We are interested in partnering with your team to enhance your submissions in these matters.

Custom Services

Our attorney-led team offers support with other brief-related services. From cite checking to drafting support, contact Sopra today to discuss how our experts can help you with the briefing process and become your trusted collaborator.

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